We started the year with three team members and a lot of “if not”. A year later, we broke out the chisels and took it to the walls.

We had an idea of how we wanted the year to end but we were still astounded by how it ended.

Right from experiencing growth in our team and scholarship management services, organizing educational events to putting ScholarX in front of a global audience, we would say 2018 was super lit!

Now we invite you to enjoy the highlights of what went down.

Growth and Turning points

At ScholarX, creating access to education for high potential students is our ultimate goal. And that was exactly what we did.

The number of scholarships managed grew, we managed scholarships for the likes of Seyi Shay, Basheer Tosin Ashafa (BTA), the Lawal family and Crown Pointe Education foundation, to mention a few. By the end of the year, we were able to retain most of them as repeat clients.

The increase in our scholarship management services allowed us to create more opportunities for the students on our Platforms. We managed ₦10, 000, 000 in scholarships and we helped over 1,000 students stay in school.

Some notable Scholarships from 2018 are Univelcity React JS and Crown Pointe Education Foundation. The Univelcity React JS Scholarship was hosted by Gbolahan Faniran and friends. They raised ₦1,000,000 which allowed 10 students learn skills to apply in the Tech world. Also, the Crown Pointe Education Foundation paid the tuition of 10 students. The Foundation will hopefully pay their tuition till they are done schooling.

In June, we opened the first SuccessHub (this space enables students in hard to reach communities to get access to our solutions). We were able to reach 200 schools, train 1000 secondary school students and 50 teachers at the Hub. We are positive about this project as it will enable us to grow our Impact.

We also had the pleasure of welcoming new team members. We are super-charged about this development because it increased capabilities and efficiency.

We will like to say a big thank you to our highest individual donor of the year David Oladiran. David donated $1250 to 20 students through our crowdfunding platform during the course of the year. That is an additional 20 students on a better life path thanks to David’s generosity.


For the first time since we began, we organized education-themed events.

In July, we started off with Digital Literacy Sessions (educating students and teachers on how to use the computers and VR) in SuccessHub.

Also, we held a School Technology Day, where school owners, principals, and teachers were introduced to innovative technological solutions which will help simplify and manage students and schools. We had a huge turn-out.

In October, we held two events. One was an education dialogue on radio and the other, a ‘Sit Down with School Owners’. Both events were used as a medium to help bring awareness and educate the public on education matters. Also, a member of the team competed and won a pitch competition held in Tanzania.

At the end of the year, we held an ‘Education Financing Dialogue’. One of the highlights of the event was the fireside chat with Philanthropist and Entrepreneur, Basheer Tosin Ashafa (BTA), where he talked about alternative means students can pay for education. He also made a pledge to continue financing education.


We had the eyes of the global community on us, as a start we were among the eight startups selected to participate in the Injini EdTech Incubator held in South Africa, we pitched and won at the Afrilabs/Sahara Sparks Conference that was held in Tanzania and we also spoke at the Africa Innovative Summit.

Also, we participated in the Africa scholarship fair and the Africa Innovation Summit, Members of the team also spoke on panels at Nigeria’s Annual Education Conference and the Startup Grind Event powered by Google.

Not to forget we are the only African startup to be accepted in the 2018–2019 WISE Accelerator by the Qatar Foundation.

What’s in store?

In 2019, our goal of getting more students quality education and providing assistance to underserved communities is even more detailed as we have come up with a different roadmap.

We are starting off in January by managing an education inclusion scholarship for students from low-income families.

We are growing the BTA scholarship into an Education Support Fund which will not only give out scholarships but also include monthly Digital literacy sessions, Agro-centric scholarships and so much more.

SuccessHub will grow its services to be a space that will be open to not only those in education but also serve the community. Plans are in the works to add new features such as a co-working space, this is so that we can move beyond serving just students, and look forward to serving businesses.

The ScholarX Ambassador program will be revamped so as to allow students to build networks that will transcend university life.


Lastly, we will be launching a new solution called SkillsFund. SkillsFund is going to be a platform where graduates looking to learn marketable skills can access short term loans to Up-skill.

This year we are turning the heat up and we are pleased you are with us on this exciting journey.