Introduction to School of In’Sight

Greetings reader, this platform, for the most part, will be primarily dedicated to sharing and disseminating some very unorthodox, yet, stunningly empirical insight pertaining to the direct functionality of the mind, thought, etc.

The purpose of this account is to build an engaging community that fosters true interpersonal development and ones own galvanization of insight. Furthermore, this platform will be and is the prototype for my school “School of In’Sight.” As mentioned above the content and learning subjects is mainly the exploration of oneself and relationship with all things, to understand actually the totality of things through the infinitesimal fraction of ones consciousness, traversing the inner space and workings of the mind and function of memory.

Currently I am in the midst of writing my next book, which will be a major component to School of In’Sight, for it will induct the neophytes and adepts into the essence of my style of teaching. So, for now, I truly thank those of you who really do have a deep interest in understanding the intimate intricacies of life (the inner functions of the psychic self) and showing support by reading my writings. I trust that you’ll enjoy the future content that I will be sharing on this particular platform. I’ll be back soon so we can begin learning and exploring together.

Peace and guidance.

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