Why Einstein Could Have Been Coco Chanel

by School of Doodle

Happy Tuesday!

How do you explain the Big Bang? If you are then 18 year old aspiring astrophysicist Sam Falls, you turn to art. And you never turn back. Or what if you want to make your own Spiral Jetty but are stuck in high school? 18 year old artist Mimi McMillan passed up the paints and mixed microbes instead. Yay!

The point is that while Doodle believes art is everything, so is science. Great innovation happens when the two work hand in hand.

So, here’s to all the coders and crafters, collagers and chemists. Time to realize that the arts and sciences are symbiotic sisters of slay. Both asking big questions and pursuing innovative answers one algorithm, arabesque and assemblage at a time.

Let’s go!


P.S. Find out why Einstein might have made a great fashion designer. Yup!

From astrophysics to art, artist Sam Falls definitely took an unusual route on his way to becoming one of contemporary art’s rising stars. Listen up as he tells us how becoming an artist started with the Big Bang. Let’s go!

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