Why I’m Not Going To Work At Facebook On May 1st
Eric Murphy

a) Sounds like there would be opportunity for your skills almost anyplace in the country. Why intentionally live in the most expensive place in the US? I am just saying you hav more control over your fate that you let on.

b) Honestly, I would be more impressed if immigrants, especially those who broke laws to get to the US, would stage a rally and describe how happy and thankful they are to be in the US. And how much they CONTRIBUTE to the society. There is principle in law called “moving to the nuisance”. If one intentionally moves next to a hog farm, one has little right to complain about the smell. If one intentionally and illegally moves to the US, one has little right to complain about their immigration laws. One could move to Venezuela or Nicaragua, for example, if one feels they would be more welcomed?!?!?!?!