What’s Best for Your Restaurant or Convenience Store? New or Used Equipment?

Planning how to expand your restaurant or convenience store can be a complicated mix of business investment decisions involving two seemingly unrelated fields — food service and finance.

Although the two may differ on the practical level, they are inexorably entwined; a bad financial decision affects the food-service end of your business, and inferior equipment may produce a financial drag on your bottom line.

The question business owners must consider is: What is the wisest type of investment — new or used commercial kitchen equipment?

We at Schubert Equipment Sales will explore the choices.

New Equipment Comes With Guarantees

Restaurant expert Lorri Mealey said the top advantage of buying new equipment is “it’s new and it comes with a warranty.”

Mealey said in About.com that the lack of a warranty is a big deal: “If you hook it up to the restaurant and it doesn’t work, you’re out of luck. This is the gamble you take when buying used.” She said business owners may spend more money in the long run on used equipment than if they had bought new.

Analysts at Find Restaurant Equipment say buying new equipment removes the maintenance-record mystery. This especially applies to purchases of equipment that may undergo extensive or long-term use. Used equipment may already have undergone extreme wear and tear; new equipment eliminates the surprise repair or replacement bills that can come at inconvenient times.

No Maintenance Record Required

One step further, used equipment may lack adequate or honest usage or maintenance records, which further adds to the prospects of unhappy surprises.

Lower prices of used equipment may be initially enticing, but experts warn that maintenance and repair costs may mount, offsetting what was originally considered a smart investment.

“The initial purchase price is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the total cost to own and operate an appliance,” Richard Young told the National Restaurant Association. Young is senior engineer and director of education for the PG&E Food Service Technology Center.

Our products — from the best and most reliable manufacturers in the industry — have standard 1-year limited warranties. Most of the warranties also include parts and labor. We want to ensure you get the finest equipment for your investment dollars. Your success is our success.

Are you looking to expand your convenience store or restaurant with the sturdiest, strongest and long-lasting equipment? We’d like to hear from you. Check out our products page or fill out our contact form.

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