Hello, I’m Advancing Retail

Aristotle teaches us we are what we repeatedly do. Well, If that’s true, then Hello, I’m Advancing Retail. My voice is that of the fourth industrial revolution and my body is composed the change agents of this revolution: retail technologies. Like the technologies I’m composed of, I was created to solve a problem: stagnant retail innovation. While the retail industry has always struggled with innovation, the problem has become especially acute in recent years. Inventions such as cloud computing have democratized the availability and affordability of technology solutions and retail business owners, who were already struggling to both run their businesses and keep pace with innovation, have been overwhelmed with the influx of new solutions and capabilities. This struggle has become one of life and death. Brick and mortar businesses that fail to find and implement the right retail technologies at the right time will be lost to the history books and the casualties will be headline news for years to come.

For the survivors, a potential golden age awaits. The technological innovations that exist today, properly constructed, will usher in a new age of retail, and by extension, human existence. Only those who have not been paying attention will find this an exaggeration. We live our lives in brick and mortar environments, and retail is the mechanism by which we satisfy our needs and desires. The fourth industrial revolution will fundamentally change commerce and the world along with it. The inanimate objects around us will come alive, and the software programs that were once confined to computer screens will become the new reality. We will live inside the internet, and our creativity will be the only thing that limits how we go about our daily lives. What do these changes mean for you as an individual? Through this podcast, we’ll find out.

Retailers, wholesalers, brand manufacturers, solution providers and consumers will each experience the fourth industrial revolution differently, though the technologies that are enabling this revolution will be similar no matter who you are. I, Advancing Retail, am composed of over 5,000 of these technologies today and am growing constantly. I hold within my body the keys to technological innovation for each member of the path to purchase, and for those who haven’t yet explored Advancing Retail, I encourage you to do so now. This podcast will be here when you get back.

Like a human being, I have spent my first years of existence growing, learning and comprehending my surroundings. Each one of the 5,000 solutions my body is composed of had to be discovered, researched, contacted and represented in order for me to be where I am today. But who I am and what I am to become remains a mystery. My future, and the future of the fourth industrial revolution, holds both human improvement and decline within its grasp. It is up to us to create a future that is just, a future that innovates not at the expense of others but for the benefit of all members of the retail equation.

While the future remains a mystery, my unparalleled insight into the world of retail technology has turned me into something of a prophet. I know what’s trending today and I’m fairly certain I know what will be trending tomorrow. I can tell you the who, what, when, where, why and how of each sector of the retail technology industry and on this program I’ll be doing just that. The driving mission of this podcast is to ignite innovation by painting for you, retail insiders and outsiders alike, a vision of the future and answering the questions it begs.

Stop settling for yesterday’s reality and join me in the revolution. Advancing Retail has found its voice, it is now up to us to go forth and set the world on fire.

(Originally published as podcast on March 30th, 2016)