Tipping The Scale

Behind the logo and large brick buildings in Nebraska, Arizona, and European locations such as Northern Belfast, Austria, and South Korea is a dedicated and experienced group of science professionals who translate science into medicine. 
Celerion’s 600 beds (24 in-hospital), efficient bioan­alytical laboratories and experienced scientific staff allows for the execution of clinical research studies, validation of analytical tests and the processing of thousands of samples. This strong foundation is what contributes to our reputation as one of the most experienced clinical pharmacology research networks in the industry. It’s that and more.
 Celerion’s innovative strategies and technologies tip the scale so that a “go” or “no-go” drug development decision can be made based on science. These decisions assist our customers in progressing the development of new drugs and biologics. It is what differentiates our team from many other contract research organizations (CRO).
 Celerion is designing clinical trials with specific strategies developed using regulations, expertise, and scientific testing. The designs are safe and provide accurate results having safety data from discovery and preclinical studies brought into the design of first in human medical studies for new chemical and molecular entities. Celerion keeps in mind all regulatory bodies and guidelines as well as implements its standard operating procedures, which are the by-product of our many years of experience.
 The Celerion approach provides customers with innovation and scientific excellence to develop products and services many of which have resulted in numerous success stories, awards, and many client testimonials. Regardless of the customers’ size, each receives excellent advice and guidance in executing clinical pharmacology Phase I and II trials from Celerion’s most educated, experienced scientists and clinicians.
Technology is a key differentiator. Celerion creates and utilizes technology to benefit our clients. For instance, Clinquick® is a validated system that captures data electronically and directly from the clinic ensuring quality and speed. Celexus® is also a tool created by Celerion to be an interactive, remote portal for clients to view and analyze clinical trial results including adverse events, clinical and bioanalytical data, and to analyze trends in real time. This state-of-art technology has been used in hundreds of clinical trial submissions and has been the subject of many regulatory audits.
 Pharmacologists are able to make decisions faster and better with the end goal of developing new products. Celerion is tipping the development scale helping our customers translate science into medicine.