Is Time Travel Possible, According To Science?

Forwards? Absolutely. Backwards? Perhaps. Becoming your own grandpa? Only if you’re Philip J. Fry…

Have you ever dreamed of traveling through time? Not at the standard, “boring” rate that we normally do — at one second per second — but either:

  • faster, so that you wound up far into the future while remaining the same age,
  • slower, so that you could accomplish much more than anyone else over the same interval,
  • or backwards, so you could return to an era in the past and alter it, perhaps changing the future or even the present?

This might seem like out-and-out science fiction, but not all of it belongs to the “fiction” category: traveling through time is the one thing in science that you can’t help yourself from doing no matter what you do! The question is how much you can manipulate it for your own ends, and control your motion through time…

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