NASA’s plans to guard Mars’s atmosphere with a magnetic shield signals our first step to terraforming hostile environments

If you want to survive on Mars, you’d need to dig deep to shield yourself from deadly radiation. Nonetheless, at some point in time, an atmosphere is probably the only way to really protect explorers. (maybe this drug NASA is interested in might come in handy to reduce damage on the human body)

Just ask any scientist and more often than not they will tell you, that Mars is a cold and pretty dead place because of its loss of a magnetic field more than 4 billion years ago. Without it, any planet is at the mercy of the universe. Mars has been stripped of most of its atmosphere by solar winds and got plagued by whatever came close to it afterward.

Luckily, a NASA Team still thinks there’s a slight chance to protect whatever is left of Mars’ atmosphere. Their scientists have now proposed a new kind of magnetic shield that would be situated at the L1 Lagrange Point beyond the planet. This way, an artificially created magnetosphere would be able to deflect most solar winds and, more importantly, incoming radiation…

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