Scientist claims to have found the seat of consciousness by using a revolutionary 3d mapping technique

Science Editor
Jun 6, 2017 · 1 min read

Finding consciousness has been next to impossible and even decades of research still leave neuroscientists in the dark. There are many attempts to tackle the problem and some physicists suggested that consciousness or even soul can only be found in the quantum realm — being more or less an entangled equivalent of nature, a complex system that can only be understood by testing certain ideas to get specific results.

However, scientists love to map things these days and so far, mapping the brain has taught us a lot about compositions within our brains. A new method using 3d mapping techniques by incorporating 10,000 images could provide us fascinating answers. By digitally reconstructing the brain of mice, researchers were able to trace entire paths of up to three brain neurons, believed to be linked to consciousness…

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