Something Mysterious Is Pulling Our Milky Way Through Space At A Much Faster Rate Than Expected. So What Could It Be?

Around four decades ago, astronomers became aware that our galaxy, the Milky Way, was moving through space at a much faster rate than expected.

At 2.2-million kilometres an hour, the speed of the Milky Way through the Cosmos is 2,500 times faster than a cruising airliner; 55 times more than the escape velocity from Earth; and a factor of two greater than even the galaxy’s own escape velocity!

But where this motion comes from is a mystery.

The Big Bang theory of our origin tells us that every point in the universe should be flying apart from every other point. Nevertheless, galaxies on either side of us should be moving at similar recession velocities, which should result in no net motion in the Milky Way’s frame of reference…

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