66% of voters will only vote for a political leader who relies on science

Washington, DC (October 28, 2020) — A new national poll released today finds that in the wake of Covid-19, 86% of registered/likely voters feel that policymakers should always use the best available scientific data to inform policy decisions and that two-thirds of voters would only vote for a political leader who relies heavily on science to inform policy decisions. The Harris Poll, commissioned by Science is US, also reveals that non-profit science organizations and academic institutions are the most trusted sources of science information.

In the…

STEM and the American Workforce

You’ve heard it before: STEM jobs — that is, jobs in science, technology, engineering and math-related fields — are the future. The future of the U.S. economy. The future path to a child’s success. The future of U.S. competitiveness on the world stage.

But what is a STEM job? Is it a doctor? A Silicon Valley programmer? A NASA scientist? What sort of education path is needed for a STEM career? A bachelor’s degree? A Ph.D.? A vocational-technical training certificate?

Researchers in government, academia, nonprofit organizations and the private sector have all attempted to answer this question. Many of…

Science is US

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