CALL FOR PROJECTS — 2500 USD available to fund science, tech and research!

4 min readFeb 17, 2022


SCIENTIA Call for Projects

SCIENTIA is a Cryptocurrency that supports Science and returns rewards to the SCIENTIA Community.

To do so, regular distributions take place that are fed by transaction taxation of the SCIENTIA Token, the SCIENTIA cryptocurrency. Within the current distribution, 2500 USD are available to fund a project. This is just a start for our first call. Hopefully, this amount will increase in future calls.

Compared to other science funding instruments, we will make it super easy for you to participate in the call. We believe that a short but good application is enough to gauge a project.

Here interested parties will find all information to participate.

Who is eligible for funding?

Eligible are all scientists irrespective of their institutional affiliation (also no institutional affiliation is possible) and private for-profit companies.

What is the deadline for applications?

We will accept applications until the 30th of March 2022 23:59 UTC.

How are applications reviewed and selected?

We will pre-screen all applications for completeness and perform a general quality check. If this is passed, we will approach two scientific reviewers with on-topic experience. The top-scoring applications will be presented to the SCIENTIA community for a vote on which proposal to fund. Before the vote, a summary of the reviews will be shared with the SCIENTIA community. The scientific reviewers will stay anonymous throughout the process.

What is the application format?

Please submit one PDF document with a structured application containing the following points and CVs of all applicants. If multiple applicants exist for a proposal, the main applicant will be the point of contact. Please submit your application to

1. Name of lead applicant

2. Email for contact

3. Institution or entity (if any)

4. Co-Applicants (for each)

5. Name

6. Email

7. Institution or entity (if any)

8. Project title

9. What outstanding question/problem are you solving? (max. 300 characters)

10. What is the benefit/value for society from solving this problem? (max. 600 characters)

11. Preliminary data to support the project (optional, max. 2000 characters)

12. Project description (max. 4000 characters)

13. Up to 3 figures on the project (optional)

14. Target timeline to completion (in months)

15. Amount requested (in USD)

16. Total project cost

17. Brief explanation of the budget including what the contribution of SCIENTIA will be used for and how the total project cost is composed. Please also include the source of funding for the remainder of the project cost.

What is meant by return to the community?

This requires a bit more explanation as it is quite different from other funding mechanisms and programs.

SCIENTIA funding is free for you when you receive it. However, the SCIENTIA community expects some return should your project be successful. If you receive the funding SCIENTIA requests proportional rights to the intellectual property. The proportion depends on the ratio of funding given by SCIENTIA to the total project cost. Therefore, we need this information in the application.

Example: You have developed an algorithm to estimate the likelihood of transmission of COVID-19 in an encounter of an infected and a non-infected person based on a few parameters. You now want to code a software that makes this algorithm usable for users such as health authorities or private businesses deciding on the right infection control measures. The total cost of this is 25,000 USD. If you receive the 2500 USD available now, your SCIENTIA funding will have contributed 10% to the total project cost. Therefore, SCIENTIA has rights to 10% of the results.

Later, if the results are monetized, you will have to return 10% of that income to the SCIENTIA community. In our example, SCIENTIA would be eligible to receive 10% of the net profit generated from software sales by you.

A contract will be made between SCIENTIA and the applicant(s) and include the scope of the project based on your application. This is important to define what intellectual property you might develop in the future belongs to the project that SCIENTIA helped to fund. However, we aim to keep the contract short and not full of legal talk. We trust that each successful applicant will treat the return process with honesty. In case of disputes SCIENTIA and the successful applicant agree to turn to a neutral third-party knowledgeable on the subject of the project for arbitration before any legal recourse.

How will these returns be used by SCIENTIA?

These returns will be used to buy back SCIENTIA Token and burn it. This will over time tend to increase the value of each SCIENTIA Token and thus benefit those that hold SCIENTIA Token.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at