The Media Concept
(Existence and Execution of Guruji through Physical Body)
The Scientific Saint interacts with devotees and conducts all His spiritual activities through a ‘Medium’. Medium is an individual through whom Guruji executes functions. Guruji shall be physically present elsewhere and executing His daily routine functions, while He spiritually performs through multiple physical bodies (Mediums) at distant and different locations.
Modus Operandi of the Media Concept:
(1) Guruji Enters into Medium’s Body 
Guruji goes into Universal Form, takes that Universal Form into “Micro (Subtle) Form”, and enters into Medium through Brahmarandra (Centroid) [Guruji activates the “Divine Element” that He had already implanted in the Medium’s body at the lower part of Spinal Cord (MUlAdhAra)]. He travels with dimensional vibrations and cosmical frequency (from the “Finite Third Dimension” He goes into the “Pervasive State of Fourth Dimension”; from there He takes Dimensional vibration, enters and activates the “Divine Seed”, in the Medium’s body, with cosmical frequency). He enters/exits the body within a nanosecond.
(2) Nullification of Medium’s Consciousness
Upon Guruji’s entry, Medium would lose Sensations [Guruji (through Spiritual Vibrations) nullifies the consciousness of the Medium and ceases the Memory]; there is no possibility to open the eyes. It would be as if Medium is under the influence of General Anesthesia. Guruji takes the Medium to the state of “Supernatural Sleep”. There will be temporary functional rest to the mind. Medium would be, in the state similar to the intervening time between “Clinical Death” and “Brain Death”. Medium shall be in the state of ‘Divine Consciousness’.
(3) Takes Control of Hypothalamus
Guruji takes control of the function of Hypothalamus, which controls the Autonomic Nervous System of the body; once Guruji enters into Medium’s body, Medium’s Mind — Jeevatmn — Brain Activity — Anabolism — Catabolism — and even the Body Activity related would be under Guruji’s control only.
(4) Guruji causes Functional Changes in the Brain and Elevates the Intuitional level of the Medium
Guruji changes the function of the Medium’s brain. He makes Medium’s brain as His own brain. Once Guruji is in conscious third dimensional state in Medium’s body, the thought process, memory, knowledge, taste, and even physical changes sometimes in the Medium would be of Guruji only. The facial expressions, characteristic features, movements, and modulations of Medium change completely.
(5) Executes Intended Karma through Medium
Guruji executes functions through Medium as “Third Dimension” through “Spiritual Mind” [If Guruji speaks with Divine Mind, it will not be known to humans who are in third dimension with (Physical) Mind. He synchronizes His spiritual activity through His “Divine Pervasive Mind” through which the Supreme Power (Supreme Soul) executes its functions. Guruji can behave like an individual of any age group (a ten-year-old child, a twenty-year-old adult, or a sixty-year-old elderly) depending on the type of performance needed. Guruji can stay in Medium as long as possible and required (may be minutes, hours, days, months, or years)
(6) Exits Medium’s Body
Once Medium regains consciousness upon Guruji’s exit, her/his memory, taste, liking, behavior, and modulation will be back as usual. Medium would be unaware of the event that had happened (similar to, a patient under the influence of General Anesthesia) and would not recall anything even after Guruji exits from the conscious state and Medium regains her/his conscious state.
Guruji Creates Multiple Viswa Sphoorthis (“Divine Entities”) and 
Execute Functions Through Them Simultaneously…
Instances of “ParakAya PrawEśam” are heard, however, never in the history in any of the Age/Eras, did it happen that an individual spiritually entering into more than one (living) individual (Mediums) at the same time (same or distant places) and discussing different issues simultaneously while the performer is physically present elsewhere performing His own routine duties as usual. 
Guruji’s Execution Is Beyond Materiality & Spirituality
When Materiality and Spirituality are combined and ascended then the third one, which is none of these two, forms. That itself is universally pervaded Supreme Soul, which causes to drive everything. In Medium performance, Guruji crosses (merges) Materiality & Spirituality, gets the third one i.e., universally pervaded “Supreme Soul” (“Brahman” and “Universal Soul” absorption itself is “Supreme Soul”), and operates the third one in those two.
Media Concept and Nanotechnology
After the extensive development of Nanotechnology and Biotechnology in future, there is chance to know, to some extent, the characteristic features of this method. How Guruji is coming — how Guruji is entering into multiple media — how He is executing — how He is leaving — what is coming from Him, and what is happening at the micro level — there is a chance to know all these things in the future. There is no chance for the existing science to explain about this execution.
Some Thought Provoking Points 
1. That “How” (rather than “What”) Guruji is able to speak or perform through Media (simultaneously) is important, because it reflects the Divine Status of Guruji.
2. It is not only through Medium at Spiritual Center that Guruji can do it but, He can execute functions through any individual (even if the consciousness of that individual is not nullified), spiritually. This implies that every individual, through whom Guruji executes functions, even though the consciousness is not nullified, is a Medium
3. This phenomenon of His presence in multiple Media simultaneously either at the same place or different places and His ability of discussing various topics simultaneously is the objective evidence that He is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnific, and Omnifarious.

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