What do we do in a world where energy is in abundance?
Tom Raftery

Electrical power is truly a miracle we take for granted in the 21st century. However, electricity is only 50% of the energy humans use. The rest are some sort of liquid or solid chemical energy storage, on demand consumption (combustion/oxidation usually), which results in the mechanical energy to do some kind of work for which electrical power cannot possibly be used directly. Tractor/Trailers, Locomotives, Ships and Aircraft all require far greater amounts of energy to perform their functions than the amount of electrical energy needed to be generated and controlled (while in motion). Ergo, the electric airplane does exist. However, all but a few are children’s toys.

By including our economically viable and scalable biofuels production technology in the clean energy mix, the large quantities of CO2 the system consumes as a feedstock allows fuel manufacturing almost anywhere it is colocated with the CO2 source.