Trusting AI with important decisions: capabilities and challenges
Louis Dorard

In all candor I don’t know if I can ever trust/accept/tolerate AI in any form that transforms something as dynamic, capable, and instinctively tuned to minimize total harm in unsafe situations as a feeling, thinking human being (human nature, warts & all), into….


AI is a machine. Regardless of man’s eventual success in creating a “sentient” or “quasi sentient” grouping of electronic parts and computer code. By definition it is a machine that our govt recently announced to the public will in a few years be used in the role of, “crime prediction and prevention”. Think of film, Minority Report, except these “precogs” are fed by the Energizer Bunny. All this does is provide the authorities Carte Blanche to arrest and punish or even execute anyone (without due process) BECAUSE THE UNACCOUNTABLE BOX OF ELECTRONIC PARTS AND COMPUTER CODE TELLS THEM WHATEVER THEY NEED TO HEAR TO CRIMINALLY ADVANCE ANY UNSTATED AGENDA.

Considering the truth of the matter related to the extent, width and breadth of the hubris and treasonous manner the Federal Government has done it’s business, IN OUR NAMES, killing and maiming countless people all over the globe with the comparatively “dumb” drone technology they have, only a naïve, gullible and thoughtless individual would be so foolish as to give such an insanely powerful and even more easily coopted piece of technology. Humans would use it to get away with “social engineering” many fewer humans. Even the existence of the machine could be a lie. This machine would be so powerful, if nobody could prove it didn’t exist the mere idea of it would be too tempting of an implement to not just make up and start the chaos.

AI in the Tool application is all the AI that human nature can stand.

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