The Cowardice of the Tech Elite: A rant
Joel Andren

The problem of which you write is in my opinion far larger than just with software companies, the “tech elites”, and the hypocrisy of greed.

I refuse to call myself a victim. However, this doesn’t mean that I haven’t been victimized by the same business + government versus the innovator dynamic.

Have you noticed how when Obama speaks about Climate Change his rhetoric has evolved from including all forms of green energy, to now “green energy” being only about electrical power? This is NOT an accident or a mistake.

The “energy elites” including Big Oil, have accomplished what is called, “state capture”. That is when the sheer volume of political “contributions” from these elites buys the political influence of an entire governmental system. They then manipulate that system for their own ends, the will of the people be damned.

If Climate Change is real, this means that for the sake of their continuing to “maximize profits” in the short term, the long term outlook for the entire human race (including those elites) is one of suffering leading to eventual obliteration.

If Climate Change is a lie, there is no need to rock Big Oil’s boat. Big Oil pays a lot of bribe money for smooth sailing. Electricity however, isn’t as centralized as Big Oil. Which means politicians can far more easily and with almost no risk to their reelection prospects perpetuate the lie. Why the BIG lie? Control, ego trips and nothing more. Despotic groups used to aspire to taking over nations. Our despotic elites aspire to taking over the entire globe, by force if necessary when the lies are no longer believed.

The technology capable of economic viability in the industrial scale production of biofuels (bio-jet fuel, biogasoline and biodiesel) has been available for certification and deployment since 2008. How do I know this for a fact? The US Patent #9,051,539B happens to have my name at the top. As well as the fact that we’ve been knocking on almost every door in the federal government in search of the comparatively miniscule amount of grant capital needed to certify the productivity of the system which enables the accurate projection of ROI. It is this ROI projection that has become in effect, a Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket for the investment capital to scale up and expand biofuels into the liquid transportation fuels markets.

Yet, since 2008 our government has promised that the grant capital the biofuels industry needs to “prime the pump” so to speak would be made available to promising technology. As the creator of the first biomass engine, I was made a promise. Breaking that promise doesn’t only hurt me or my company. It hurts EVERYONE who we would already have employed. It hurts the economic vitality of our country in the short term, and the globe in the long term.

I agree. The elites aren’t elite at all. They are the brat down the street who if not allowed to win, takes the ball and hits you in the head with it.