F1000Workspace is now Sciwheel

Since its launch, F1000Workspace has formed a part of the F1000 family, alongside F1000Prime and F1000Research.

With the January acquisition of F1000Research by Informa plc, came the perfect opportunity to reflect on who we are, and what our vision is for F1000Workspace.

Beginning its life as a reference manager, F1000Workspace evolved into an easy and intuitive way to discover, read, annotate, write, and share scientific research. It’s used by scientists, researchers, academics, and health care professionals around the globe. We’re proud to say that within each institution, library, laboratory, and home in which it is used, F1000Workspace has played a part in the ongoing cycle of scientific advancement and innovation.

So, when it came time to select our new name, we thought hard, scratched our heads, and then suddenly it clicked: Sciwheel. A name which encompasses the very nature of science — an ongoing circle of discovery — and our place within it as a writing and collaboration tool for the very best and brightest minds applying themselves to the pursuit of scientific development.

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Armed with our new identity, we hope to share Sciwheel with even more people across the world and continue to enable scientists to collaborate, innovate, and produce research of the highest quality. Because at Sciwheel we are more than just a reference manager, we are an important cog in the machine of science.

Thank you for joining us on our journey and remember to stay tuned to our social channels, newsletters, and blog for future updates.

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What does this mean for our current users?

  • This change is effective on April 12th, 2020. For a few months after this date, the web address of your account domain will automatically redirect.
  • Our product won’t change; so, you won’t lose any of your references, notes or libraries — the only thing that is changing is the name and logo.
  • However, we do have many new and exciting plans to enhance and complement the current service we offer and will be implementing these throughout 2020 and beyond.

Sciwheel is our award-winning and evolving technology that provides customizable, intuitive and accessible tools to progress research and discovery.

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