You wake each morn

Wondering what the sunshine will bring

You hide under the sheets

For they are your security

You look into the mirror

Trying to like what you see

You think you are happy

But always in doubt

You shave and shave hard

To shave the doubt away

You have shaved to the inner depths of yourself

With no doubt to be found, you are scared

You go to the shower to wash away your fear

The glass door shuts, leaving you trapped inside

You wash and slip, hitting your head

You are knocked out

As you thoughts fall deeper into your own mind

You see three characters fighting each other

One is yourself

The other two are fear and alone

They are both fighting you in tandem

You regain consciousness just before they beat you

You finally realise you are afraid of being alone

You exit the shower and dry yourself

Putting back all the knowledge now known of yourself

You want to hide it again

So no one will ever know

The doubt then returns