Orlando: A Rant. Religion, Terror and Murder (language warning)

Firstly, I’d like to express my outrage at the recent homophobic mass shooting of people that were simply out to enjoy themselves. We can label these people in a variety of ways, LGBT, Gay, whatever you want. It does not change the fact, that they are people. Human beings. Members of our species that each had friends, families and loved ones. That were cruelly and mercilessly killed because of one country’s complete ineptitude, lack of responsibility and incompetence when it comes to laws that govern the purchasing, ownership and usage of firearms, while simply out on a night enjoying themselves.

No, this is not going to be a rant about weapons control laws. I have my own opinion on firearms, that will not come into this at all.

As news of this outright atrocity spread, social media exploded with outpourings of grief, outrage, despair, love and consolidation for the victims. And one little hashtag (i hate that word) “PrayForOrlando”

A friend of mine, Chris Ward, in many ways a pioneering political activist in many matters, especially LGBT and Humanist rights, summed it up perfectly in a post on facebook.

“ I’ve been quite good at not reacting angrily to mass murder in recent years, but it being an LGBT attack please forgive me a momentary slip after seeing tweets to this effect. No, I will not fucking “pray” for Orlando. We do not know who the killer is yet, but my money is on a religious motive. Why? Because when it comes to organised LGBT hate crime, it always fucking is. Who the fuck am I supposed to be praying to? The god who hates homosexuals? The god who failed to stop them from being slaughtered? The god who inspired the slaughter in the first place? So no, I’m not going to fucking pray much like I wouldn’t put out a fire with petrol or dress a wound with a fucking dagger.”

Reading this, what little is left of my faith in humanity sizzled on the hot plate that sits squarely over the pit of rage that I hold for my species.

Chris is absolutely right.

Pray? to what? To a “God” (God being a mythical dude in the sky that looks down from two thousand years of organised and manipulated history as a fucking father figure that shakes his immortal mighty finger at us saying “Do it. Do it and I’ll fucking spank you”) that allows such misery? Such Outright terror in a world of his supposed creation?

The same “God” that “told” the Templar Knights of the crusades to murder innocents?

The Same “God” that “Told” Islamic extremists to kill a number of french people simply because they dared publish a drawing of some fucker that probably never existed?

The exact same “God” that has directly or indirectly caused every fucking war and atrocity stretching back for the entirety of human existence?

The same “God” that apparently made everything we see, touch, smell, taste, love and revere in seven days, and created fully one half of our species from a fucking rib?!


“God” does not exist. Only the imagination, fear, and terror of the unknown that our developing species holds at the back of it’s collective mind exists. The sooner our species as a whole disregards organised religion in its entirety, the better.

The sooner our species as a whole takes direct action against these dogmatic, institutionally racist, fear mongering embers of our history and casts them to the wind like outdated technology. The Fucking Better.