What is File Management And Its History?

File management is an art of storing, naming, sorting and handling documents files in a systematic manner. So that in future it will easy to retrieve data. In accent time as well people used to record their work document or money records with the help of different methods. File management is a process of maintaining any kind of records in a proper manner like your work document or your money records this is the process to divide things in different stages and in writing from so that in future when needed it will be easy to get that particular record. Example like you are working in the company and at the end of the month you got the salary you spend your money without noting down things that how and where you are spending your money and at the end when you see your salary account that is empty but you don’t remember where you have spends all your money. But if you follow file management rule, then when you got the salary from that date you can make notes that how much money in which thing with time and date and with all related bills if you have made a file for it this will help you at the end when you will check your document file you will remember all spending of your money that’s how and where you have spend. And this will help you to minimize your expenditure because of this you can check that you spending the money on right thing or not and if not you can save that money for different things.

History of File Management

In a previous time like in 3000bc people used to write their important notes or their thoughts on rock and wet clay to remember things for the future. When you visit some historic monuments you can see different things written on a wall or different object and they also used bamboos to write things that were their methods to record things manage the file in that way. They also used to make paintings of different moments for the future. Then 1300ce letter books were invented then they used to write things in that letter book and maintain their records. Then in the 19th century, pigenon-holed cabinets were invented and used by different big firms to store letters like in banks , courts, this storage method is most commonly used. Then in the 20th century, vertical filing cabinets were introduced to store a different kind of files. Then microfilm was introduced to capture images and store. Then the computer was used to store a different kind of file in the system with the help of the Lan/wan network. Then portable flash drive was introduced to store files and to transfer data from one system to another. Then cloud storage was introduced this cloud storage made easy to store files from anywhere and from any computer this prevent the user from losing the data or from any data threat with their high-security methods. File management helps users to organize their valuable documents in a systematic manner for better and efficient use of it. To get more knowledge visit here https://www.scopidea.com/document-management-system