The Best Productivity Apps of the Week

The Play Store has so many apps, it’s hard to navigate them all! Here I’ll list some of the best apps of the week, in my opinion, of course. Have a suggestion? Feel free to comment below with your app suggestion and I’ll consider adding it to next week’s list.

  1. Trello: I hadn’t even known about Trello until a few days ago, when somebody suggested it. It’s a great little productivity app. You organize everything into boards, such as, “To-do Lists.” There, you can add lists and cards. Inside the cards, you can do everything from adding checklists, members, labels, reminders, or attachments. You can also go social and share boards with other members.
  2. Evernote: Many of you probably know about Evernote, but I just thought I might still mention it here. It’s great for taking notes on the go or photographing important sheets of paper such as receipts or contact cards. You can create notebooks and work chats. There’s also an app available in the Windows store, which is an added bonus if you have a Windows PC, so you can edit at home as well.
  3. Google Keep: I would recommend this to anyone. It’s basically a whiteboard with sticky notes to paste on. It’s really a great app, thanks to Google’s unique idea. It truly isn’t like any other productivity app, except for the other sticky note apps. If you’re looking for an app for quick jotting down or for making shopping lists at the last minute, Keep’s your man.
  4. CamScanner: This app is good for people who like to photograph important sheets of paper. It scans them and adds unique editing features, such as annotations, watermarks, colors, and more.
  5. DigiCal: This is a calendar app. Tired of the stock one? This app would probably be your best bet in terms of style, quality, and features. It includes weather, which most calendar apps don’t have. It also has different looks, and a madly amazing widget.
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