Take a step back and breathe

This is just a collective reading, so take what resonates and leave the rest! Before you read my message on this it would be good to see what messages you pick up on from these charms and cards.

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There seems to be some confusion in your life right now, there is a situation that has caused some sort of change or ending. You’re hiding your confusion really well from others. But pushing it away or hiding it won’t solve the issue.

There is a lot of discomfort around you when it comes to this, and you might even believe you’re just being silly and crying over spilt milk. But I see this being a huge shift in your reality and it can be emotionally draining. …

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A year ago there was no way I would have believed that magic could bring me this kind of success

Some of you might have read the title and rolled your eyes. Some of you are praying that what I’m about to say is true. Maybe you’re skeptical but part of you wants to believe. I’m not going to push anything on you or try to convince you of anything, I just want to share my own experiences because I am blown away by it all.

Let’s start with the most recent spell that I did for myself. On New Year's Eve, I decided to do a money spell and set my intentions for 2021. My intention was that I would make a lot more this year with my tarot business. Last year I made $10k with my tarot business, and that took me 6 months. …

Tarot Reading

A quick pick a pile tarot reading. Choose the charm or pile you’re most drawn to and scroll below to find the message. This is a collective reading, so if it doesn’t resonate don’t worry too much about it.

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Pile 1 — hat (Left), Pile 2 — bells, (Middle) Pile 3 hammer (Right)

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Because you wouldn’t be wondering

I think it’s a huge red flag if you’ve been dating someone and you’re constantly left wondering if they’re even interested in you romantically.

Shouldn't we, as adults, be upfront and honest with our feelings? It doesn’t have to be said with words — it can also be through action. So don’t you think it’s a bit of a concern if you’re unsure how a person feels about you? Especially if it’s been months. And if that’s the case — RUN!

If someone cares about you then you’d know it. It’s truly so simple but we like to complicate things because sometimes we don’t want to know the truth or we might just want hard evidence — and that leads to us wasting our time. …

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And some great tips if you want to start your own Etsy shop

If you have been keeping up with me then you’d know that I started doing tarot readings on Etsy around May. Once COVID had put the world at a standstill I no longer had any interest or motivation to write. The only thing that was bringing me any joy was watching tarot readings on YouTube and practicing readings on myself. So I decided to start an Etsy shop in hopes that I could make some cash and distract myself from the doom and gloom that 2020 still unfortunately is.

I wasn’t sure if I’d get anywhere with my new Etsy shop, but I went forward with it anyway. I created an Instagram and started connecting with other tarot readers and suddenly I was living out a dream I’d buried away for years. …

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Short Story

The day arrived when she’d finally had enough of waiting. She'd wasted too many years waiting and dreaming of someone coming to save her, someone who would make her life better. But too much time had already passed her by and she refused to wait any longer for a savior. No one was coming and she needed to take action.

So she made the decision to walk away from what no longer fulfilled her. She took only what she’d learned from those situations and left behind that which no longer served her. …

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If you have moments when a flood of thoughts drowns your mind in nonsense then now might be the time to stop resisting change. This change isn’t a physical one. This change is emotional, mental, and spiritual.

It seems as though you’ve forgotten your most important connection in this life, and that is with yourself. You’ve spent far too long in doubt of your brilliance, and too many self-hating words have dared to leave your lips. This negative self-talk needs to stop.

You’ve turned away from the beauty and uniqueness that exists within you, and you’ve caused yourself to believe there is no brilliance in who you are. …

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My experience with being a tarot reader

For the last two months, I have started doing tarot and charm readings on Etsy. I’ve even done a few readings for friends and family as practice and so far so good.

But a few people have been curious about how my tarot readings work. I’ve been asked questions such as:
“How do you read the cards?”
“How do you know what they mean?”
“How can you read for me if I’m not there?”

These are all really great questions, but when I was first faced with having to answer these I wasn’t entirely sure what to say. …


Scorpio Poetry

Charm & Tarot Readings Available Now On Etsy, Weebly & Fiverr https://linktr.ee/plutoniantarot

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