Hope I don’t unmake your day after the Peyton Manning bit, but I have to respond to this post too.
Kim Rowley

How could I ever forget about the super friends!? I loved that show when I was a kid. Reruns of course, but it was fantastic. My first run in was on a scooby-doo/batman cartoon, it was in the same “universe” as the super friends. I caught the reruns on Cartoon Network back then, and I watch them on YouTube now.

Mystery Men is a good bit of nostalgia for me.

I remember only watching it because Kel Mitchel was in it. Back then I had no idea who anyone else was. Kenan and Kel was my favorite comedy duo.

I haven’t watched it in years, but I recall it being absurd but funny. I had to usual fast forward through garafalo’s lines, her voice just bothers me.

If I remember correctly there is a bowling ball with a skull in it, used for a special scene , I really really wanted that went I was bowling as a kid.

I need to rewatch that movie.

Thank you Kim Rowley for reminding me of two greats that I missed and will be watching soon again. Cheers most definitely.

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