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What are your plans for Surviving Quarantine?

As Detroit Free Press Columnist Mitch Albom writes, How we deal deprivation says a lot about who we are. We can ignore it and put ourselves and others at risk. We can shut down and descend into tension relieving behaviors. Or we can make it the defining moment of our lives.

Watching the dominoes fall as we finally awaken to the danger of COVID19 has been a fascinating exercise in sociology.

We tend to ignore and accept just about anything, until it impacts us directly. We consume mind numbing escapism and fantasy and resist mind expanding ideas that might challenge our paradigms, until circumstance wakes us up. …

How embarrassingly easy it is to find “Just One Hour a Day” to move in the direction of your goals.

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Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

Just one hour a day in focused, productive action improve almost any situation. These three hours and fifty minutes can transform your life.

  • Just five minutes a day thinking about what you are grateful for can recenter your spirit.

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Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

Learning how to complain effectively is an art. When you must provide uncomfortable feedback, give it as the gift of love and opportunity it is. The smart recipient will thank you for it.

Here’s a recent email exchange I had with the manager of our apartment complex. Since we moved in, the new ownership group has slowly removed the amenities that were reasons we signed on. the on site police officer is gone, and most recently, the complex decided to stop offering recycling. A few knuckleheads are using the recycle bins for trash and the vendor is fining the company.

I’ve had several conversation with this individual, in person and by email. …

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