Writing JavaScript in Carcosa

I recently finished HBO’s True Detective and, like many, relished the darkly nihilistic musings of Detective Rustin Cohle.

Fortuitously, this corresponded with the beginning of my front end engineering education at the Iron Yard DC. At the end of week two I found myself 1) imbued with amazing new (novice) powers of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and 2) regularly in need of filler-text to populate my layouts. There are plenty of Lorem Ipsum generators out there, but I couldn’t find any channeling that contemporary spirit of post-modern despair so perfectly captured in True Detective.

There was only one obvious course: build my own Rust Cohle Lorem Ipsum generator. But surely such an endeavor was something to approach much later in my education? Nevertheless, last weekend I sat down with a page full of misanthropic quotes and some basic JS knowledge. And here’s what I came up with:

“Sometimes I think I’m just not good for people.” I hear ya, Rust.

It didn’t look this pretty on Sunday — that’s evolved over this week — but the functionality was there! Overall I was pretty pleased with myself. I went in thinking I’d make a stab at a solo project and ask for help on Monday, and came out with a working JS app.

So, if you’re a designer or developer in need of some randomly-generated text that’s not afraid to stare into the void (or just tired of waiting for Season 2), give it a whirl!