Amyx+ Affectio Wins Cloud & DevOps World Award for Most Innovative

Amyx+’s Affectio data analytics platform recognized for groundbreaking approach to understanding consumers.

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Amyx+ is proud to announce that its innovation lab, Affectio Inc., has won the Cloud and DevOps World Award for the Most Innovative Startup of 2016. The Cloud and DevOps World Awards are specifically targeted at identifying the most forward-thinking developments in cloud computing. The award for the Most Innovative Startup is given to innovators with a platform, application, or service that provides significant added value while maintaining high standards of service and reliability. A panel of judges consisting of industry experts and leaders selects one rapidly-growing startup that provides a unique, valuable cloud offering.

“It is truly an honor to win the Cloud & DevOps World Award,” said Scott Amyx, founder and CEO of Amyx+. “It is wonderful that the Affectio team’s innovation and hard work have been recognized by our peers in the industry.” Amyx noted that the Affectio team is comprised of an incredible range of experts, including PhDs in AI, machine learning, data science and affective computing. The team has a rich, comprehensive understanding of, and extensive experience in, wearables, the Internet of Things, advertising, platforms, and management consulting.

Affectio Inc.’s new human data analytics suite, the Affectio Emotion Sensing Platform (ESP), solves a key issue facing marketers and brands. Developing campaigns and targeting messaging to a specific population segment has always been challenging. The rise in various data aggregation tools has created a data-rich environment, but it is not always clear how to manage and best understand how that information can lead to a more successful brand engagement with the customer. Affectio’s human data analytics platform solves the problem of quantifying consumers’ emotional, cognitive, and behavioral reactions with context attribution in order to provide brands with real-time analytics on brand engagement — -basically, taking the “guesswork” out of understanding customers’ wants and needs. The platform uses novel algorithms to translate consumer information, like body language, physiological data, communication, app usage, into useful insights that help brands create more successful, targeted campaigns.

The Affectio platform goes far beyond typical approaches to analytics. For example, the platform utilizes neural fuzzy network to analyze unstructured and structured data and effectively identifies human emotions, providing a possible “score” for the perceived emotion. Contextual data (such as text messages, images, videos, emojis, geospatial information and app usage) and natural language processing allow for the creation of one of the most specific, targeted customer profiles available. Affectio’s utilization of artificial intelligence and mobile, wearable, and the Internet of Things data reveals deep, rich insights about consumers — how they really feel, think, behave, and engage with brands. Understanding the customer is the first and most important step in heightening the brand experience, creating more effective products, and increasing brand loyalty.

The Affectio Emotion Sensing Platform is based on the latest research in neuroscience, affective computing, and cognitive science. Affectio has also partnered with leading research institutions in cognitive load theory in order to better incorporate an understanding of consumers’ mental effort and focus. The combination of these technologies creates a strong, reliable measurement system for brand engagement, campaign execution, and consumer research. To learn more about the Affectio Emotion Sensing Platform, please visit

Amyx+ and Affectio Inc.
Affectio Inc. ( is the innovation lab of Amyx+, a global leader in Internet of Things strategy and execution. Amyx+ works with enterprises to evaluate the impact of disruptions and helps them develop and launch new, game-changing products and services worldwide. Amyx+’s expertise in strategy, innovation, product development, data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and machine learning has attracted the attention of multinational corporations seeking to enhance their position in the marketplace.

Amyx+ is headed by founder and CEO Scott Amyx, who was voted one of the Top 10 Global Speakers by Amyx is a thought leader, speaker, and author on wearables and the Internet of Things. He was recently nominated to the World Economic Forum as a committee member for the Future of the Internet, and has been nominated by global luminaries to deliver a TED Talk on incorporating data effectively into daily life. Amyx has been featured in numerous publications, including the New York Times, TIME, Forbes, The Washington Post, WIRED, Chicago Tribune, InformationWeek, Forrester, ReadWrite, Business News Daily, IBM Big Data & Analytics, Intel, TechBeacon, and IEEE Spectrum, as well as television and radio programs. For more information about Amyx+, please visit

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