Dr. Gayle Carson

Dr. Gayle Carson Overcomes Obstacles to Help People Achieve Their Potential

“My advice to other entrepreneurs? Think it through, investigate, look at the pros and cons and then go for it but don’t expect the magic to happen without a tremendous amount of work. Nothing is easy.”

– Dr. Gayle Carson, Founder of Spunkyoldbroad.com

Gayle now proudly calls herself a Spunky Old Broad or SOB as she attributes success to her relentless ability to connect with people. “In each venture, I started from Ground Zero and the major challenge was to make it work. I had no financing except me, I had to work at each task myself to make it a go, and of course, I had no benefits,” she shares. While her expertise helped people in reaching their best, Gayle battled several roadblocks in her personal life. A breast cancer survivor three times over, Gayle also bore the trauma of her husband’s and her oldest son’s deaths. However, these challenges only strengthened her resolve as she focused on serving the needs of people especially women over the age of 50.

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