Scott Amyx Speaking at IoT Security 2015, Boston

Securing IoT Networks and Ecosystems Through Managed PKI Certificates

When it comes to IoT security, we can’t afford to take a chance. This presentation is meant to give you a balanced perspective on securing the IoT with PKI certificates.

  • What is PKI?
  • Evaluating between In-House vs. Managed
  • Shortcomings and criticisms with PKI
  • Open source options

Security is difficult to understand and hard to implement. There are no shortcuts to true security, and a corporate ecosystem is only as good as its foundational principles. As IoT expands, no company can discount the tremendous security risks associated with having a multitude of possible infrastructure weaknesses. Digital PKI certificates will not resolve all security problems. It’s important to weigh the pros & cons and right-size it for your organization.

As Angela Keith highlights in a SANS Institute paper entitled: Common issues in PKI implementations — climbing the “Slope of Enlightenment” — PKIs are not perfect, but that there is a sizeable number of governing bodies, corporations, and individuals tackling the issues that arise from PKI implementation.

Watch the Securing IoT Networks and Ecosystems Through Managed PKI Certificates video.

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