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Strive: How Doing the Things Most Uncomfortable Leads to Success by Scott Amyx has been selected for the Recommended Reading List by Tribeca

Has success eluded you, no matter how hard you try?

Are you frustrated by trying to achieve your dreams by copying others? Internationally-acclaimed speaker and founder of the cutting-edge venture capital Amyx Ventures, Scott Amyx reveals how you can attain real success in your life, your way. His theory of Strive is a challenge to the conventional wisdom that has held so many people back from achieving their goals and enjoying lasting happiness. Scott rose from obscure poverty to globe-trotting success, and he invites you to share in his journey by adopting a new mindset towards your personal challenges: embrace them. Scott shows you how through stories of the most unlikely individuals who embraced difficult personal change to become outrageously successful. He helps you take stock of your own habits and practices to identify how your routine and misconceptions are holding you back. Fascinating insights from throughout history up through today’s cutting-edge research show how embracing discomfort fuels lasting success.

Shape your life in new, exciting ways. You can have control over your career, your outlook, your actions, and your priorities. This book helps you get a fresh start to begin building the successful life you want.

  • Discover what really drives success — -and how conventional wisdom is wrong
  • Clearly identify your own personal challenges — -and how to overcome them
  • Delve into the latest research on high performance to create a better you
  • Learn how high-achievers approach challenge, change, and success

Strive is an unconventional approach to attaining your dreams because it takes what makes you unique and turns it to your advantage. Have you been duped by common myths of success? Are you disappointed by the constant struggle in life? Scott reveals how only you have the power to change your trajectory. Strive is your handbook for getting comfortable with discomfort, embracing and enjoying new challenges, and achieving real, lasting success.

What is the key to success?

Is it all a matter of hard work and practice, practice, practice? How about being born with loads of talent? Maybe the trick is coming from the right family and having great opportunities dropped in your lap? Then, of course, there’s the quintessentially American belief in the power of positive thinking — because, as everybody knows, the Universe bends to the will of she who maintains a positive outlook, come hell or high water.

Let’s face it, if all the “surefire” success formulas really worked, the world would be populated with nothing but successful people — and if diet fads really worked, we’d all look fabulous in Speedos.

The hard truth is that the world is replete with spectacularly talented failures, positive- thinking flops, and hardworking people who made all the right moves only to have success elude them. You won’t hear their stories in any of the motivational books and seminars crowding the self-help market. That’s because, as the old adage says: “Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan.”

In this thought-provoking book, Scott Amyx, an honest-to-goodness, rags-to-riches story in his own right, proposes an alternate theory of success. Drawing upon the stories of dozens of successful individuals throughout history — everyone from Leonardo da Vinci to Bill Gates, Thomas Edison to J. K. Rowling — Scott shows that, while hard work, talent, and positive thinking may have played a part in some people’s successes, they weren’t what put them over the top. He persuasively argues that the one factor that matters most to a person finding success is his or her willingness to go outside their comfort zone and sacrifice the safe, the familiar, and the tried-and-true in pursuit of their goal.

But Scott doesn’t just talk the talk, he shows you how it’s done with his original S.T.R.I.V.E. approach to achieving lasting success. You’ll learn how to set a clear, achievable goal, devise a plan for getting there, overcome your fears and embrace risk, monitor your progress, and keep yourself physically and mentally fit and prepared to realize your plan and to enjoy your success once you’ve made it.

Strive doesn’t offer you any guarantees of success. What it delivers is an approach that, regardless of your background, upbringing, talent, time, or education, enables you to use what you’ve got to work with to take your best shot at real, lasting success.

Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Success is Wrong and Where the Key to Success Really Lies

In this controversial new book by internationally-acclaimed tech wizard and venture capitalist, Scott Amyx, you’ll find out why everything you thought you knew about becoming a success is wrong. More importantly, you’ll discover what you can do to dramatically boost your chances of realizing your goals and living the dream.

Amyx, a bona fide rags-to-riches story himself who overcame a hardscrabble upbringing as a poor immigrant to become an internationally acclaimed visionary businessperson, tells his own story and the stories of dozens of individuals throughout history who beat the odds to become outrageously successful. In the process, he reveals the shortcomings of conventional wisdom about success and explains why following it just may be what’s holding you back.

Praise for Strive

“Strive. Pushing through our limits, doing the hard thing, and focusing on constant and never ending growth and improvement is the ticket to impact and fulfillment!”

Tony Robbins, World-Renowned Business Leader and Peak Performance Strategist, Best-Selling Author of Unshakeable, Money Master the Game, Unlimited Power, and Awaken the Giant Within

“We all know or have read stories of people who seem to rise from the ashes or come out of nowhere to achieve success. Strive points out that most of these individuals were not extraordinary by nature but extraordinary by action.”


“The true alchemy of Strive is that it combines, great storytelling, great anecdotes, and some pretty profound insights. No question Scott Amyx’s key takeaway is to get comfortable being uncomfortable … or perhaps find yourself a different journey. Learning to live perpetually outside your comfort zone is perhaps a condition precedent for success — the special sauce for cooking up ideas that will change the world.”

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“Strive teaches us to embrace discomfort and achieve success in this exponentially changing world.”

Singularity University

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