11 Tips to protect yourself from being HACKED

Cybersecurity attacks are very real.

In an instant, they can wipe out your company’s finances and your personal finances, sometimes beyond repair. It’s critical to know everything you can to protect yourself.

Did you know that 95 percent of cyber attacks occur due to human error? I’ll tell you why this is great news.

Only five percent of all cyber attacks are out of your control. Today, I’m going to give you 11 FREE tips from my new book Hacked Again. I want to make sure you protect yourself and your loved ones from these vicious modern threats.

My book delves much deeper into my personal experiences about how I was hacked, not once, but twice!! I will also show how you can protect yourself from cybersecurity threats. If you want to read more and learn even more about protecting yourself and your business, please purchase, Hacked Again.

Free PDF download: http://bit.ly/1YC2S3s


Scott Schober

CEO | Author | Speaker | Cyber Security & Wireless Expert Scott Schober LLC

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