Trump’s First 100 Tweets in Office

An analysis of Trump’s tweets & how to uncover truth

Why follow his tweets?

1 —Pure Entertainment Purposes

What the…?!
…Trump on foreign policy
…on healthcare
…on education

2 — Understanding Mass Media

3— Witnessing Errors in Judgement

My favorite deleted tweet

4— Forming my own opinion

What have I learned from Trump’s Tweets?

1 — He has total control over mass media

2— His tweets are completely by design

3— How to distinguish Trump Tweets vs. Staff Tweets

An interesting fairly-unbiased video where the Nerd Writer outlines an informative analysis of Trump’s written communication to the public.
Robinson’s data shows that Trump (Android) tweets mostly in the morning, while staff (iPhone) posts in the afternoon.
Tweets from staff (iPhone) were 38 times as likely to contain either a picture or a link
Most hashtags come from an iPhone. Emotionally-charged words come from Android.

What has he been tweeting about?

Trump Twitter Archive (

Oddly enough, Trump brings up a good point…

4/3/17 edition of Time

How Can I Find the Truth?

Example — The Shroud in Age of Empires

Fog of War in Age of Empires
…map exploration
Even more exploration, and you can uncover a full view

Dependence on News

On a personal religious note…

In Summary

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