Politically correct

Being politically correct is my way of saying “I see you.” I don’t understand exactly where you’re coming from, and I can’t identify on many things in your life, but I don’t want that to be a hindrance to our communication. I try to be considerate and compassionate when there is a conflict in our beliefs. It is my goal first to be a friend, not to push my beliefs and values on you before I know your name.

I try to be politically correct because I don’t want to turn you away. I want to know more about your life and what drives you, because that creates opportunity to find common ground and build a relationship. Then, and only then, am I willing to dive into the minutiae of my beliefs and values, in the context that no matter the disagreement, you are my friend.

This is why it is hard to hear people talk about political correctness negatively. If the only people you speak with are people who are just like you, then political correctness is unnecessary; but, if your goal is to cast your net wide and increase your impact, being politically correct (or as I like to call it, thoughtful) is essential to pushing the needle of humanity forward.