How to Fix Twitter’s Troll Problem for Women in Sports (& Beyond)
Julie DiCaro

It is mind boggling that Twitter has yet to develop meaningful anti-harassment filtering options for users despite recognizing the cesspool that exists for some users. It is NOT complicated.

  1. Allow users to filter by age of account. Only see mentions if the account is as many years or months old as you choose.
  2. Allow users to filter my number of followers.
  3. Allow users to filter by number of posts.
  4. Allow users to filter by “verfied” accounts. Twitter needs to expand verification via credit card. Not “public interest” accounts, but for people who are willing to say “This is me. I am a real person. Others my find that more interesting than eggs.”

None of this is revolutionary. None of this is complex. These 4 features would clean up 95% of the internet garbage on Twitter for public users if implemented aggressively. Yes, you’re going to lose some connection to newer users, but that’s the wheat lost in a metric ton of chaff. Eventually, they’ll get bored and start going away and you can throttle back your filtering.