Why I don’t answer most phone calls
Adrien Joly

Very interesting article summing up why Adrien the author doesn’t answer phone calls and only communicates via emails.

It’s interesting to me as I have just written up my thoughts of why I think that talking is better than email which is on this link.

The core message of my article is that via email you can’t get to a resolution as it’s like talking on a one way radio that needs an hour or a day or a weeks time between replies as we are all busy right ??

I agree with Adrien’s use-case that email is good is for recording details of a conversation, or an agreement, or even a requirement for a new bit of software code that is needed to be developed. I am fully aware that we need a method to have a record of what people requested in the first place, but let’s not use email for everything is my view.

Email by its nature can’t prioritise what is a request for a new system that could make a real difference to your bottom line or someone that has left an pen on their desk in the office.

We need to move to a state where we know more about the best time to use “which tool when” and not just over use email because we have an audited record of every conversation.

Good to talk about this #debate

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