This is part of a series exploring the unique qualities of each of our development centres in Bristol, Edinburgh and Newcastle and our consultancy base in London. Each of our spaces is individual in a number of ways, but one thing that remains consistent throughout Scott Logic’s work spaces is the high calibre of people and their drive to learn. First up, we’re going to hear from Nigel about our London office and some of the teams’ thoughts on working in the capital city.


As a consultancy, being close to our clients and being able to offer a variety of flexible ways to engage is essential for future stability and growth.The office is based right in the centre of the West End (near the world famous Piccadilly lights), and all London clients are easily reachable within about 30 minutes. We also overlook Regent Street, which is also handy for a spot of shopping!

Business Development Manager Kirsten said: It’s been good to see the office grow, and to be able to tell clients our story; they like knowing there are skilled consultants nearby who can be made available quickly for pre-sales discussions and project work.”


In the shared office space in which our London development centre is based, there are a variety of companies, from media firms to financial services and recruiters, which makes the communal kitchen area feel quite cosmopolitan. UX Designer, Tamara noted, I’m lucky that I was one of the first people to join the London office. I was able to see it through its expansion. While all our offices share the same culture, each has its own vibe and the London office is particularly dynamic and fun.”

People often remark how nice it is to escape the ‘city’ when they visit us, and it’s nice to be able to go somewhere different for a drink with the team after a day at work. Developer Bartosz said: Joining the development office in London has been an amazing experience. The people, their energy and ideas are what makes this place fun to come to every day.


By developing a London base, we’ve been able to build on our highly successful remote development services model, learn more about our clients’ businesses, spot new opportunities. We’ve also been able to provide greater support for those working in remote teams, Business Development Manager, Patrick said: It’s now almost been two years since I joined the London office. It’s been great to see the team grow into a fantastic, experienced and diverse group of people. It’s also been great to have the opportunity to help drive the evolution that we’ve gone through.

To add to this Developer, Nick noted: Nearing the completion of my first year at Scott Logic has encouraged me to reflect on what’s changed personally, professionally, and for the company since I joined. The office space has doubled, we started our first projects, and more importantly, as well as knowing I’m a stronger developer, the London office is stronger.


We’re very excited about the future for the London office and want to continue to build on the strong UX, engineering, and delivery capability we already have in the team there, so watch this space! Nick concluded: In the next year I’m sure we’ll grow again, both in personal development, number and spirit. It’s hard to escape the feeling after the days we work off site, returning to the office overlooking Regent Street, that we’ve come home.

If you are interested in joining our London office please take a look at our latest vacancies. Alternatively email

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