Meet Dave Cibis — Covera’s New Chief Product Officer

We are thrilled and humbled to have, Dave Cibis, join our growing team at Covera. Finding the right Chief Product Officer for your startup is paramount. They will act as a leader to unite various departments and steer the product building process using customer feedback, best practices and creative energy. Ideally, they are meticulous in their strategies, possess strong empathy and are able to execute their visions in a massively scalable way. Dave has all of these skills, plus he’s also an excellent baker, a spaghetti bolognaise expert and enjoys snowboarding.

Before joining Covera, uou were head of Product at Knip, how was that?

Knip was the first digital insurance broker on the international market. I joined Knip in 2014 as the 5th hire when we opened up offices in Berlin and Zurich. I learned a great deal with them and that was also my first time in the InsurTech sector.

Managing Knip’s growth from a handful of employees to hundreds before I left Knip was truly a unique experience that made me hungry for another round. The people at Knip were beautiful and magnificent human beings that I hold dear to my heart.

What is your role at Covera?

I am the Chief Product Officer so I oversee the product and design department. I make sure that the customers’ voices are heard and align the product roadmap with Covera’s business objectives.

My goal is to support the development of Covera’s products throughout their entire lifecycle. This is important because the insurance industry has a tendency to overemphasize customer experience at the moment a sale is made. However, whether it’s claims, payments, telephone interactions, customer portals etc. there is so much more to designing good product. In our design team, we focus on the customer’s journey and conceive new user experiences to simplify their lives by understanding their context.

Leaving Berlin to move to Montreal… Pretty big deal right?

For sure, but talking to Scott and Paul in the beginning of our journey made me want to be part of the spirit that drives them to exceed in building a great company and product.

Getting the opportunity to put the focus on the right problems combined with an exceptional business case makes me believe that we can succeed in disrupting the insurance industry.

Other than Covera, I am also in Montreal because of Schwartz’s Smoked Meat ; my main personal driver for moving here.

Herzlich willkommen im Team, David! Heartfelt welcome to the team, David!