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Moving Like Jagger

Should you sell your social media soul to your employer?

I happened to catch the announcement this morning that the COO of Square, Keith Rabois, had unexpectedly resigned from the high…

I also think it’s import to un-pack the emerging post-mortem here, which seems to be a swirl of SV greed combined with an untenable UX/user experience (which is supposed to be abundantly clear in retrospect).

I’ll let Bill and other pros own the “bank heist” thesis, I am unaware of true built-to-last success stories where founders took that much money off the table.

Hillary Clinton’s Social Media Acid Test

It’s interesting to me how social media has gone from guerrilla tactic for more progressive political campaigns, to a proxy for your ability to…

Why Mick Jagger is my 2015 Near Year’s inspiration

I recently “re-discovered” Mick Jagger, really by accident while scanning and dancing along with different music videos online (you…

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Bill Belichick’s Moment

Has social media changed the Darwinian Laws of Leadership?

Leaders lead, but the standards and expectations we project on them are a by…

A Piece of Advice from Joan Rivers I’ve Never Forgotten

I never met her, but was fortunate enough to hear Joan Rivers speak a few years ago. At the time I knew (and respected her) for her comedic achievements and would occasionally enjoy her snarky E! fashion act while running on the treadmill, but had no particular interest or point of view. And in fact as this was not a comedy sketch…

What I learned during my Twitter Summer Vacation

I decided last Spring that one of my Summer projects would be a non-project: taking a hiatus from posting on Twitter. I guess I felt disillusioned with the platform, and wanted to focus more social media time elsewhere as a sort of thought experiment.

The Quantified Business

A Social Media Thought Experiment

Started my day catching up on emails, here is literally the 1st headline I saw this morning:

Anti-social networks

A plea for LinkedIn to save us all from ourselves

I think it’s fair to say that these are not the best of times for the major social networks…

What’s Up with WhatsApp?

Why today’s social media giants are forced to buy the latest platform, but can’t actually run it their way 

It’s about the people, stupid

Owning (up to) your relationships

I found myself earlier this summer in a damn near perfect storm of life mishaps: challenging…