Papadopoulos Met Numerous Times with Greek Leader with Substantial Ties to the Kremlin’s 2016 US Interference Campaign

Scott Stedman
Nov 4, 2017 · 5 min read
Two months later, Mr. Papadopoulos comes to Athens and meets the President of Greece, Pr. Pavlopoulos. He uploaded indeed on his personal website page a picture of the meeting where it appears that he requested a direct meeting with the office of the Prime Minister. Finally he was able to see only Mr. Kammenos. He also met, on one of his trips Mr. Kosta Karamali.
Two weeks prior to the elections we contacted again Mr. Papadopoulos, where he informed us that he “had left the campaign” because “he had done his part”. One week later, he told us that he had returned again, but that he was under direction that no one could speak to the Press about any topic except for the FBI’s investigation of the emails of Ms. Clinton. Although it is not clear exactly which -but also how close — is his relationship to Trump, just two days before the election, he took the airplane from Chicago to attend an event in Astoria (Greek town in NYC). “Mr. Trump thought that it was important for me to come and speak to you”, he says in his introduction.
Reshetnikov, right, and Vladimir Putin, center.

Scott Stedman

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