In 2013, Donald Trump Met One of the Russian Attendees to the 2016 Trump Tower Meeting

Ike Kaveladze, an accused money launderer, was a guest at a private dinner hosted by Donald Trump in 2013

Scott Stedman
Nov 22, 2017 · 3 min read

The 8th person identified at the infamous Trump Tower meeting in June 2016, Ike Kaveladze, met Donald Trump in Las Vegas in 2013. The private dinner was held at the Trump hotel in Las Vegas on June 17th, 2013. Also in attendance were Emin and Aras Agalarov, and Rob Goldstone.

The pictures, discovered on the personal blog of one of the Agalarov’s business associates, Yulia Alferova, depict a dinner of no more than 20 people.

Keith Schiller, unidentified man, Michael Cohen, Rob Goldstone, Emin Agalarov, Donald Trump
Ike Kaveladze far left, Emin Agalarov left, Donald Trump right
Ike Kaveladze left, Emin Agalarov middle, Aras Agalarov right

The dinner in Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas preceded a press conference in which Trump announced that the upcoming Miss Universe pageant was to be held in Moscow in a complex owned by the Agalarovs.

Kaveladze was identified as the last person that attended the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting in which Donald Trump Jr, Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort expected to receive “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. Trump Jr claims that the meeting did not yield any opposition research on Clinton, describing the encounter as a “wasted 20 minutes.”

The Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating President Trump for his role in dictating the Trump Jr response that was riddled with falsehoods. Trump, Trump Jr, and Kushner maintain that the President was not told that the meeting took place until it was revealed by the Washington Post in 2017.

Ike Kaveladze is the Vice President of the Crocus Group owned by Aras Agalarov. He is a Russian national currently living in California. Before Kaveladze joined the Crocus Group he was locked up in a months-long congressional investigation into Russian money laundering. A New York Times article in 2000 outed Kaveladze as a main conspirator in a money laundering scheme involving over $1.4 billion through the use of 2,000 shell companies. Kaveladze and his attorney Scott Balber have described the report as a “Russian witch hunt.” Balber did not immediately respond to quest for comment.

The pictures were posted by Yulia Alferova, who helped organize Miss Universe on behalf of the Agalarovs and was seen with Trump numerous times during his stay in Moscow in 2013.

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