College Freelancing: Gain Experience & Earn Money

Student debt is over $1 trillion dollars, internships (especially paid internships) are increasingly harder to find, and we are left choosing between work experience and having money. Talking amongst my peers, I have found that they are in desperate need for money because of their increasing student loans and cost of living. Additionally, many of my peers are worried they don’t have enough real life working experience in the field they aspire to begin a career in. Also, factor in that Millennials expect to work 15–20 different jobs over their lifetime, and you have a serious need for employment skills and money. This means that Millennials need to start learning additional skills outside of their majors in order to have healthy transitions in the course of their careers. I want to create a solution for college students and recent college graduates so that they can earn money, acquire real life experience, and broaden their skill set. I’ve started to ask around, gaining insights from small business owners to billionaire angel investor Chris Sacca.

Small Business Owners Need Quality Labor at Affordable Prices

I tapped into my resources on Cyber Dust where there is a large community of entrepreneurs and investors that work with small businesses/start-ups. The general response out of this group was that there is a need for a platform where businesses operating on a tight budget can reach out to quality, affordable freelancers who can fulfill their supply chain needs.

So who holds qualifications to perform quality work and can afford to use them at a cost efficient rate? You! Undergraduate and graduate students learn skills today that older generations did not have access to in the past. For example, your parents and grandparents were not learning how to code in high school and college. This means there are many people out there who own businesses, but do not have the skills to develop apps or websites for their businesses. It also means that the people who do hold these skills are low in supply. Following the law of supply and demand, these people offer their skills at higher rates. This creates an opportunity in the market for college students to offer their skills and make money, while providing businesses an affordable solution for their different needs whether it be development, design, marketing, translation, etc.

Chris Sacca’s Take on Freelancing in College

If you have never heard of Chris Sacca, he’s the 39 year-old billionaire who has invested in everything you use like Twitter and Uber. I was able to get his insight on freelancing in college during one of his “Ask Me Anything” streams on Periscope. He told me that freelancing in college can be incredibly beneficial, if you know how to balance it. Freelancing allows you to make money and gain experience in various fields so that you can discover what you are truly interested in and pursue it. Also, it gives you tools to work in an ever changing economy allowing you to transition quickly into new roles or job requirements. Freelancing allows students to get a foot in the door with companies, who can take note of the quality of work you are able to provide them. Sacca made sure to stress the importance of balancing freelance work during college, so that you have time to focus on the “Big L”, learning. Although freelancing has major benefits, college is the best time to soak in all the information possible, not only in your major, but on topics that your degree does not focus on. If you do take in the benefits of freelancing, make sure you are managing your time wisely to benefit from your education as well.

Creating Straviti To Solve The Problem

After taking in all of this information, it seemed to match our teams assumptions about how beneficial freelance work can be for college students, and how cost effective it can be for businesses operating on a tight budget.

Straviti is the mobile app that we are creating to allow businesses to find affordable solutions to their supply chain needs by connecting them with freelancing Millennials and low-cost companies to outsource their work.

Benefits to Freelancers and Outsourced Companies

  • Tinder style matching: provides quick and easy way to browse and connect with companies that need your services. You decide who you want to work with!
  • Time Management: allows you to manage your jobs so that you aren’t biting off more than you can chew
  • Compete with skills-then pricing: creates an environment where you’re not being low-balled by other freelancers.
  • Connect Your Way: build relationships and communicate in a way that you are used to. You’ve grown up meeting people through apps like Tinder and Twitter, meet business partners comfortably.

Benefits to Small Businesses and Start-ups

  • Tinder style matching: quick and easy way to browse and connect with candidates who meet your needs.
  • Cost efficient, quality services: college students and recent grads have the skills, at a lower cost!
  • Job Management: see who is working for you, costs, and timetables for completion.
  • Connect Your Way: Millennials may be comfortable connecting online, but it helps to have face to face interactions. Video calling will allow you to interact face to face with candidates

Creating the New LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful tool used to build your network, find jobs/employees, and connect with your peers. However, we plan to build a network that caters to people outside of the “40 year-old business professional” by creating a platform that allows you to meet professionals from a range of backgrounds and ages. By 2020, 50% of the US workforce is projected to freelance in some capacity. Communication is changing, relationship building has become virtual, and Millennials are taking over the workforce (only 21% under 30 are on LinkedIn) we want to represent these changes.

To sign-up to become a beta tester or apart of the Straviti Network, visit our website below or email me directly: We’ll keep you updated on the launch date and progress, and get your feedback on how to improve Straviti.

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