Cyber Dust: Where Are You Guys?

As you can tell from my first post: BIG supporter of Cyber Dust, BIG supporter of Mark Cuban and Ryan Ozo. What they’ve created is a true social community and if you’re networking in any industry (even outside of business) you will find success. It really is the ultimate networking tool when you learn how to use it. It takes experts in their respected fields and makes them your next-door neighbor. The informal tight-knit community is something that could never be attained by LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. The Cyber Dust team got it right.

As much as I love CD, there is one issue that my CD friends and I have run into, Separate Dimensions! I see the same 200–300 people actively using CD, and no one else. Now obviously, there are many more dusters using CD actively (their 15k+ followers on Twitter can show you a portion of that) but where are the rest of you? I don’t think it’s CD’s fault… I personally think it is what some of the initial user’s turned it into- a community with a small town feel. Perfect for networking and making friends, but just like all small towns you can get isolated from the rest of the world. Well, it’s time to reach out to the other dimensions. We need to bring more people into our CD community and join other communities as well. No more isolation.

So here are some suggestions from the CD community:

  1. Instead of “chatters” introduce a list of quality dusters based off the content they produce.
  2. Actually use chatters. Seriously guys use chatters and weed out all the crap there are a lot of good people on there.

3. Get to know new dusters (people who just got the app). This one has been big for me. I’ve been introducing new dusters to experts in their fields of interest and veteran dusters. Blasting new dusters names and bio’s out works as well. There has been a great response in terms of growth from doing this, and people get the help they need.

4. Reach out to dusters from other countries and have CD accounts that represent each country or a specific area. I really loved this response. It would help people reach out beyond what’s right around them.

5. Use Twitter, also a great option, but most of the people I’ve seen on Twitter are already in my CD community. Don’t get me wrong though it has helped!

So those of you from the other CD dimensions, reach out to us! Here are a couple people from my community:

  • +cindydesign: Senior Graphic Designer, branding specialist, logos, books, catalogues and more. I provide design tips. Partner at #RedCupGang (she suggested I write this, so I listened)
  • +jaridpj: Technology Consultant/ Electrical Engineer/ Power Lifter/ I’m the opposite of E.F. Hutton- No one listens until it’s too late. Then they turn to me
  • +michellelo67: Comedian, UTSA (United States Tennis Pro) TMOBILE original Duster! When I blast YOU won’t mute me Blasts are my OWN! Mark Cuban’s Best Friend
  • +nextworldleader: Best Selling Author/ Creative Brand Strategist/ Chief Marketing Officer for +EvoLux Transportation? Works with Large Public Companies to Start-Ups
  • +saf1khan: Commodity Trader | App & Website Development | Business Documents
  • +treymaynestarr: My past: 2 time Iraq vet [|] My life: Raising my son [|] My job: Gov. IT Support [|] My passion: Helping musicians create a new stream of income.
  • +joekool: Not your average Joe #RedCupGang
  • +iamhoraceknight: Event And Portfolio Photographer | Social Media Marketer | Comedian |
  • +dotnyc: CEO at Pinnacle Sports/BamBooBat Married. BOD Dr Atlas Foundation Partner at +CyberdustApparel, Partner at various DotNYC, LLC’s
  • +stantheman: Producer and Host of the CyberDust Podcast. Want to be featured? Tell me your story and how you use CyberDust.

These are some of the more popular users I have randomly selected from my friends list. Hopefully we can break through to other CD dimensions.

I’m +scottmaronic, feel free to share your list!