Contextual Thinking and ADHD, Part 2
Georgia NeSmith

Contextual! I’ve had a hard time describing this to people. That’s it! These 2 articles have truly been helpful to me.

People think I’m self-absorbed, and it’s been very isolating to have that impression of me out there when it doesn’t match how I feel.

I’m going to think about this one, and do some learning.

It’s funny, until now I never really thought about this in an ADHD context: I don’t like when people describe their personal experiences by using 2nd person pronouns… like… if a person is asked “what’s it like being honored with this award?” and the answer is something like “well, you just wanna do your best and when you get recognized it makes you feel great.”

No! YOU just wanna do your best and YOU feel great. Why are you telling me how I feel about something that didn’t even happen to me? It feels like someone is attempting to influence my opinion instead of answering the question. Like, they’re trying to ingratiate themselves to me and establish rapport instead of just answering the question… I want to know how THEY feel, not how they think I feel.

Are you telling me that this is common with people who have ADHD??? Is this part of oppositional defiance? That’s what I thought I was doing, so I just shut up about it. What do you think?

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