First person: “How can you possibly not?! It’s obvious! Do you not hear A, B, and C? Obviously you aren’t listening. You must be a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot.”
Last Thoughts Before Tuesday
Leslie Loftis

Yup, I’m pretty tired of the way that people seem to make generalized wholesale judgments about other people based on an evaluation of their ideology without taking into consideration the nuances of experience that make all of us human.

It’s coming hard from both sides these days. Folks feel safer when they have an enemy, and safer still the more they hate and dehumanize the enemy they perceive to have.

Here’s something that we could all do a little more of:

First person: “Listen to me. You should [vote for, believe, support] X because of reasons A, B, and C.”

Second person: “Well, I do not [believe, support] X because — “

First person: “I hear you. Although we appear to have different values, I appreciate you taking a moment to be friendly and listen. Would you like to talk some more about it?”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a liberal, bleeding-heart, blue-state, tree-hugging, vegetarian supporter of egalitarian ideology. I think that the best way to honor the Constitution is to modify it to suit the changing needs of the people whose rights it aims to protect, and I think the founding fathers would generally agree. I think that racism is current, white privilege is real, I support BLM, and I think that both kneeling during the national anthem and indignantly refusing to kneel are both intensely patriotic. I think that Kavanaugh shouldn’t be a Judge. I think that Trump is an unprincipled opportunist. I’m an atheist/materialist, I’m a moral relativist, and I’m a … omg can I admit it out loud … a post-modern existentialist who wishes you didn’t own a gun!! (now is when I duck)

Whew I’m glad I got that off my chest.

But I’m not an asshole. That seems to be the disconnect these days. Far less reticence about assholery. From both sides.

You’re totally right- people who share my ideology are frequently judgmental, and this isn’t helping. Our country isn’t populated by enough people who both share my ideology and are willing to vote, to go around self-righteously dismissing the folks who disagree.