Scott Riker Is An Experienced Fitness Trainer

Scott Riker is a New Jersey based fitness trainer with almost ten years of proficiency in the health and fitness industry. In his career span, he has instructed clients from different walks of life about exercise activities that improves cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility. As a fitness instructor, he has worked in many physical health clubs and fitness facilities where he offered a variety of exercises such as weight training, yoga, kickboxing, aerobics, Pilates.

With ten years of training as a trainer, Scott Riker strives to create personalized approaches for each of his clients as he understands that one style of training does not fit all. He provides appropriate motivation and support to different clients from variety of backgrounds, from pregnant women to older adults, obese teenagers to recreational athletes. Other than this, he brings a holistic approach to ensure maximum returns for those determined to see optimal results. He supervises his clients to make sure that they are exercising safely and effectively. He also makes nutritional programs for each member of his gym for the successful outcomes.

Scott Riker has also organized a number of boot camps in the most striking locations so that his clients could shed their pounds in a nature’s lap. In addition to this, specializes in functional training, endurance sports, strength training, cardio vascular conditioning, team sports, boxing, and muscular strength. He has also written articles or columns in fitness trade magazines, as well sports medicine, and journals. When not busy, he likes to spend his quality time with his family.

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