Three Disc Golf Mistakes Beginners Often Make

Scott Safadi is the general manager at Cal Bay Property Management, a San Francisco real estate management company focusing on the multifamily property market. Outside of his professional life, Scott Safadi enjoys relaxing with a game of disc golf.

If you are just picking up the sport, here are three common beginner mistakes you should try to avoid.

1. Going for Speed — Some disc manufacturers tout their products as great high-speed discs for beginners, but be weary of such claims. When you are just starting out, control is much more important than speed. It is better to get your disc down the fairway in two throws than to have your one powerful throw that lands you in the woods.

2. Tensing Up — When going for a long throw, your natural reaction might be to tense up your muscles, but this actually makes your throw slower. Instead, stay loose and limber until about the mid-pull, when the disc is closest to your chest. From there, explode out with the rest of the shot, tensing up at that last second.

3. Ignoring the Short Game — It can be more satisfying and exciting to practice big drives and perfect your long game, but do not forget your short game. While getting your discs to the green is important, putting them in smoothly and efficiently can help lower your score.

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