The bill in Congress That George Soros Doesn’t Want You to Know About.

New Bipartisan Joint Resolution Gets Money Out of Politics

Companion Bill Creates Matching Funds For Publicly Funded Elections

The problem: Billions of untraceable donations are flowing into the U.S. elections process since the Citizens United v, Federal Election Commission decision.

2,389 super PAC’s spent $1,104,481,088 in 2016. That’s one billion, one hundred four million, four hundred eighty-one thousand, eighty-eight dollars that are not fully disclosed.

In 2016, outside groups together spent more than all candidates in 27 races. Plus political nonprofits are under no legal obligation to disclose their donors. $1,147,213,601 in grants to Political Groups from non-profits have been made since 2008. Clearly, the donors are not doing this for their health. They expect something in return.