Genius Germinates in Groups

Proper Care & Nourishment of Your Muse

Unleash Your Muse by Lashing Yourself to Your Mast

Being Geniuses Together

Writing can be hard and lonely. Becoming a better writer doesn’t have to be

  • Genius germinates in groups
  • Community allows you to expand your horizons to feed your muse

You Must Live Well to Write Well

If you’re like most people, the limited horizons of your home and work and the twelve-inch space between you and your computer screen just might not be enough fodder for fueling the muse. To write a book that will open your reader’s eyes, you need to make sure that your own are wide open.

Advance into Retreat

We Are All Storytellers

Tips on telling your story

Writing Characters that Come Alive

Tips on Creating Vivid Characters

Tips to Stay Inspired to Finish Your Book

Writing is a journey. Here are some small ways to keep your compass aimed at the horizon.

Writer (Losing Venice, a novel) & Writing Coach | American abroad | PEN Hemingway Award | |

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