There’s No Morality in Exercise: I’m a Fat Person Who Made a Successful Fitness App

I agree, mostly…

Especially about the part of growing up being overweight (for me it was asthma not headaches) and hating gym class with a passion. I agree that the self-love and love of movement has to come first. You can only change if you are willing to sit with where you are.

The one thing I question though is with all of that activity you say you never lost a pound. I could for the most part care less about scale-weight. I care about composition. I would be willing to bet that even though the scale didn’t budge, that you gained so much musle (which is denser than fat) that it compensated for the fat that you lost.

One thing I want to be clear on though is that for most people short of having metabolic syndrome, you CAN change your body…if you want. If you looked at your nutrtion and ate the right things at the right times you too could transform into a thin person…if you really wanted it…

It’s not for me to say what you should want, but I also don’t want to coddle the aplogists who think that being in the overweight/obese compositon percentages (not BMI, that scale is totally useless) is not unhealthy.

Point in fact: there is a known compensation factor where the body wants to autoregulate such that when you start moving more you end up eating more to compensate. There is also something to be said for the timing of micronutrients…for example if you eat carbs first thing in the morning you shut down your fat burning all day. Same goes for eating anything before training. You can bust our ass and never see your body transform.

I bring this up because there ARE many peiople who are unhappy with their bodies, who DESPERATELY want to transform, who get in the gym and bust their ass and become demoralized when they get no results. You MUST look at your diet. And the younger you were and the longer you have had excess fat, the harder it is to lose it, and the more strict you must be.

So yes. Love your body. Move your body. Being thin won’t necesarily make you happy on it’s own, but there are a LOT of people who make the transtition and find out how great it is to be thin, and not only that…how much MORE they can move and how much MORE fun it is to move when lean.

Just my $0.02