iPhone X for this ‘X’er.


I have had a number of friends reach out to get advice on which new iPhone to get. I’ll explain why I’m getting the X and you can go from there (cuz I gotta get off this topic and stay focused on making lots of money, not spending it.)

A Little Perspective

  • My 256GB iPhone 7 was $969 ($45.71/mo on the iPhone Upgrade Program…with which one gets a new phone after 12 months.)
  • The 256GB iPhone 8 Plus will be $949.
  • The 64GB Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is currently $930.

A 256GB iPhone X will be $1149…a less than $200 leap from what I already have, and totally worth it, to me.

The Subsidy Myth

I think part of the initial shock of the iPhone X price is that many people believe there were $199 and $299 iPhones. NEVER happened. It was smoke ‘n mirrors.

With AT&T, our per line access cost went from $40/mo to $15/mo when we went off-contract and passed up the “subsidy.” Over 2 years, the typical time people keep their phone, that’s $600 in additional line fees for a $450 subsidy!!! 😩😳

Why the X is worth it, for me.

  • It’s my primary business tool and I want the best I can get
  • The phone is almost the same size/weight as the 8 (which is the same size as the 6/6s/7)
  • Despite smaller size, almost the same battery life as the 8 Plus
  • Bigger & better (edge-to-edge) display vs the 8 Plus (better color accuracy & contrast ratio, true blacks, and a much higher 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio)
  • FaceID (20x more secure than TouchID) and the other benefits that come from the new TrueDepth front camera system like Portrait Mode selfies
  • Both rear cameras have Optical Image Stabilization (big for low-light photography, action photography, and keeping video shake to a minimum.)
  • No home button = simpler, more natural, navigation of the OS
  • Animoji…cuz life just wouldn’t be complete without being able to make that little pile of 💩 make all kinds of AR-induced expressions.

Please get the 8/8 Plus

I’m hoping LOTS of people get the 8/8 Plus because A) as an AAPL shareholder, I’m guessing the margin is higher on those, and B) so I get my X with as little delay as possible. They’re almost certain to be severely backordered within 10–20 minutes of pre-order starting on Oct 27th. 8/8Plus can be pre-ordered on Friday of this week at 12:01am PDT.

Do you.

Whatever YOU choose to get, it’s the right choice FOR YOU…doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

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